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  1. Facebook Link Magento

    Facebook Link Magento


    'Facebook link' extension for Magento provides access to your store to any user that has an account on the social network facebook, he can register or login in the store using their credentials

    But the usefulness of this extension does not end here as it is also a powerful marketing tool because you can configure it so that your customers can show the details of their purchases published automatically on the their facebook wall

    Also this module helps you promoting your products with the option to placing and customize the 'like' button in product page

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      One Step Checkout

      One Step Checkout


      The One Step Checkout extension for Magento is a must-have module that simplifies the checkout process and makes it much easier and faster for customers to buy products at your store.

      Features for customers
          • Checkout on a single page
          • Login/registration option at one page checkout
          • Ability to save address in address book
          • Auto-fill billing and shipping addresses for logged in customers
          • Send to different addresses
          • AJAX-based update of each step
          • Gift options and gift card support
          • Apply discounts
          • Leave a comment
          • Subscribe to newsletter
          • Remove products
          • iPad/Tablet compatibility
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        Sales by Coupon code unit

        Sales by Coupon code unit


        This additional unit for Advanced reports gives you a new report available to show sales organized by coupon uses. It is an excellent tool to analyze the results of your promotions

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        • Subscriptions & RP Magento

          Subscriptions & RP Magento


          Subscriptions & Recurring Payments converts your magento store to a powerful online service subcripción ideally to offer services like magazine subscriptions, e-learning, digital products, etc.

          Supports the following payment methods to process recurring payments:

          • PayPal Website Payments Pro
          • ArgoFire Payment
          • Check / Money order
          • Saved Credit Card
          • Zero Check-out
          • PayPal Website Payments Pro (UK) / Website Payments Pro Payflow Edition
          • Cash On Delivery
          • Bank Transfer
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          • Sales by Manufacturer unit

            Sales by Manufacturer unit


            This additional unit for Advanced reports gives a new report available to show sales organized by Manufacturers.

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            • Advanced Reports Magento

              Advanced Reports Magento


              Advanced Extension reports greatly improves the reports section that Magento facilities by default.

              The reports deployment that includes will help you get a better overview of your business and of the points where improvement.

              The reports also present an additional block that shows the results graphically.

              At first we feature new types of reports incorporated :

              • "Bestsellers"
              • "Sales by Hour"
              • "Sales by Day of Week"
              • "Sales by Product"
              • "Sales by Country"
              • "Sales Report"
              • "Sales"
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              • Points & Rewards

                Points & Rewards


                Offer rewards points as its customers not only for their purchases but in several actions such as 'liking' on Facebook, upload a video, or register for the newsletter.

                This will certainly help to increase customer loyalty that will be rewarded for their contribution to your business.

                Additional list of available actions for reward :

                • Registration
                • Newsletter signup
                • Product review
                • Tagging product
                • Poll participation
                • Customer's birthday
                • *Video uploading
                • **Facebook "Like"
                • Support hours included 2
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                • Z-Blocks Magento

                  Z-Blocks Magento


                  Z-Blocks extension allows you to create an unlimited number of static blocks and content items.

                  Best of all is that you do not have to manually change the template and layout files every time you add a banner or other relevant information.

                  All you need to manage the changes can be found in the admin panel

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                  • Product Questions Magento

                    Product Questions Magento


                    Product Questions Magento module allows your customers to ask questions regarding the product on the product page itself.

                    Store admins can respond there creating a related support page with the product FAQ.

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                    • On Sale Magento

                      On Sale Magento


                      With On Sale module for Magento stores, you can easily create labels like "Save € 10 in this article today!" And "Hurry! The offer is limited! To any product within your store.

                      It also offers the ability to create global rules to include automatically labels on products that meet certain parameters.

                      It has a wide range of additional customization options, such as the possibility of using a list of predefined variables to simplify the process of inclusion, or define the position of the label on the image product.

                      • Support hours included 2
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                      • Custom SMTP Magento

                        Custom SMTP Magento


                        Having trouble sending e- mails to their customers such as :

                        • Are considered spam by providers such as hotmail or gmail
                        • Your server has been marked as a spammer in a public list

                        Then should rethink using an external mail server such as gmail, hotmail, etc.

                        Magento Custom SMTP extension is almost a must for administrators and developers. Makes no longer depend on local mail server software .

                        Now define whether to send emails from your store from custom SMTP server from the local server or disable both.

                        These are the prominent features of this module :

                        • Use any SMTP server, for instance the gmail server or dedicated mail server
                        • Custom port , type of release, supports secure protocols
                        • Logs all outgoing emails
                        • Ability to view any outgoing email
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                          One Step Checkout

                          Group Deals


                          Groupon is a new popular ecommerce trend which made its first deal in October 2008. Now you can gain from the service of collective purchases as well in your Magento store with the Group Deals Magento extension. This module from aheadWorks is a fantastic way out for those online merchants who want to organize collective purchases process.

                          Group buying is a truly fantastic way for businesses to connect with new prospects. Make new and diverse deals with the Group Deals Magento extension by aheadWorks. Every day you can feature a cool new experience on unbeatable price in your store and assemble a huge group of people with the targeting power to get amazing deals.

                          With the Group Deals Magento extension you can offer products and services at significantly lower prices. The deal takes place when a minimum required number of people buy the product.

                          Moreover, Group Deals is integrated with the Sociable Magento extension allowing your customers to spread the word about a knock-down price and make the most of your store with collective buying power!

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